Fun activities under the treetops for small and big lovers of fun and motion

The fitness trail was created in 2019. It is named after the character of Dr. Martin Elinger from the series Doctor Martin, which was filmed in Velké Karlovice.

The trail of Dr. Elinger will delight all ages and test your physical condition. It serves to exercise the limbs, but also educates in a non-violent way. Elingerka, as the locals call it, is only a few steps away from the Kyčerka Pub.

In the pleasant shade of the forest, there are various fitness and cardio elements that will test your physical condition. Children's elements for the youngest children and educational elements for school children are part of this unusual attraction. Kids can also try the adrenaline Zip line. A pleasant forest path, stretching between majestic trees, will test your balance, endurance and tickles even the brain twists.